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The structure of the Italian language and culture courses is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) and the courses are divided into elementary (A1 - A2), intermediate (B1), lower (B2), advanced (C1 and Proficiency (C2) levels.

Preparation for diplomas CELI or personal culture with private lessons:

CELI Impact (A1 Level): 30 hours

CELI I (basic knowledge) elementary (A2 level): 60 hours

CELI II (basic knowledge) intermediate (B1 level): 90 hours

CELI III (good knowledge) lower (B2 level): 180 hours

CELI IV (very good knowledge) advanced (C1 level) : 270 hours

CELI V (excellent knowledge) proficiency (C2 level) : 360 hours

The hours of on line courses have a duration of 60 minutes, two or three times a week, for ex. 1 hour + 1 hours or 1.30 hours + 1.30 hours (Monday - Thursday or Tuesday - Wednesday, or 1.30 hours + 1.30 + 1.30 hours, Monday- Wednesday - Friday). In any case the number of hours is indicative, since every program can meet the demands of student.

The University for Foreigners of Perugia offers, within the ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) framework, examinations worldwide at five levels of ability. All the examinations are held in June and November in Italy and abroad.

  • CELI Impact (A1 Level)

  • CELI 1 (A2 Level)

  • CELI 2 (B1 Level)

  • CELI 3 (B2 Level)

  • CELI 4 (C1 Level)

  • CELI 5 (C2 Level)

The University for foreigners Perugia, ambassador of italy and Italian languagein the world, also organizes:

  • CELI (ADOLESCENTS) certificates

  • CELI ( a ) adolescents are certificates of Italian language competence for adolescents between 12 and 16 years of age. They attest Italian language communication proficiency in settings, both work and school, relevant to adolescents.

    • CELI 1 a elementary (A2 level)

    • CELI 2 a intermediate (B1 level)

    • CELI 3 a lower (B2 level)

    The Italian Ministry of Research and Education acknowledges CELI 3 as an Italian language certification valid for enrolling in any Italian university within the quota-share for foreign students. CELI 4 and CELI 5 are valid titles to assess knowledge of Italian language on equal terms with Italian students.


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